Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to the new So Sew Mama

Welcome to my blog!

          My name is Desiree and I am a newbie blogger. I've always wanted a blog so here we are. I am going to start out with telling you a bit about myself and have it go from there. I have plans for this blog to grow and hopefully it happens.

First and foremost, I am the mother of 3 amazing children. My oldest girl is 4, my son is 3 and baby girl is 11 weeks old. Yes, I run an insane asylum! Ha. But really it's not that bad. Definitely not all sunshine and rainbows but its an amazing journey.

I'm also a wife and it has been almost 8 years. Trust me it is a long time considering I'm in my early 20's.

If that isn't enough, I am also in college studying to be a nurse. Still have a ways to go but I'll get there. My journey will one day lead me to become a midwife. That is my ultimate goal. I have a few more courses to take before entering the program since my school feels the need to add 2 years worth of pre-requisites on top of 2 years nursing for just an Associates degree. Which afterwards I will have 6 more years to go. But enough about all that business. I am hoping this blog will help me on my journey and to grow as a mother and wife. I still am trying to find myself in life. Being a mother seems to be all I am, but its still a lot and  I will take it.

My other new hobby besides blogging of course, is sewing. Self taught and still learning. It is an old 90's 15 stitch Singer. As much as I love it, I cannot wait to get better and buy a brand new machine. I have completed a few projects like a braided scarf for my 4 year old, a shoulder heating pad ( which I created the pattern for. Yay me! ) I also made Halloween costumes.

Well that's all she wrote, for now. It's late and baby girl will be up in a couple hours to nurse.
Hopefully this is the beginning of something fun and new friends. See ya.